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Getting Started with Wedding Planning


Congratulations! Marriage can be one of the most important milestones in your life but planning this special day of celebration can sometimes be overwhelming. It is important to break things down so that the tasks that you need to do are manageable, and more importantly fun!

You and your partner should have similar ideas about what you want the day to be like, so that the build up to the big day runs as smoothly as possible. Perhaps you have a few ideas in mind or maybe you never have thought about it before, but the best way to start wedding planning is to jump right in a find a venue.

The venue has a big impact on every other decision you make like budget, food, theme and number of guests. Here on some top tips on what to look for when visiting some wedding venues in your area.

Room - So you find a large room to plan your wedding or reception and think it is sufficient. But wait! On your special day that room will be filled with tables, chairs, a bar, DJ, dance floor and not to mention your guests. Imagine all this in one room and the space you were looking at earlier will seem a lot smaller.

The same goes for an outdoor wedding reception venue. One of the best way to see if the room is big enough for your wedding is to see another wedding happening in that room. This will give you an idea if the space is sufficient for your wedding party. The staff at each venue should also be experienced in hosting many types of weddings and will be able to give you ideas on how to set up the room so it means your needs.


Lighting – Lighting is another integral part of the entire setup. A day wedding can be arranged in a room with large windows which will allow natural light to flow in. A wedding planned at dusk can have candles lit in the entire room which will give a great effect. If possible it is better to visit the wedding venue around the same time of the day which has been chosen for wedding.

Scenic view – Check the view around your venue. If there are mountains or a beach just outside the venue then perfect. However, if there is no view the décor of the room can be enhanced. Rugs on the floor, artefacts on the walls, chandeliers on the ceiling and furniture can add that extra bit to your special day.

Party theme – If you have a party theme, say a specific colour, then you must ensure that the décor of the room does not clash with your theme. Look for a place where the staff can either help you customise the area or choose a wedding reception venue which compliments with your theme.

Privacy – The definition of privacy varies from one person to the other. If you have planned for an open wedding or reception then be prepared for strangers walking pass by your venue. Even if the wedding is planned in a closed place, you may still have other people using one of the rooms just beside yours. Check with the venue staff to see what they recommend or you can try to schedule your wedding on a day when there is no other function in that particular venue.

Transportation – If you are arranging a shuttle to get people to and from the venue, or your guests are sorting out their own transport, you should consider a few things:

- how accessible is the venue
- what is the availability of local transport
- is there enough parking at the venue or nearby


Finding a wedding venue you love is very important as it sets the tone for the whole day. You should feel inspired by the venue and feel ready to put your ideas into action. If you are looking for wedding venues in Wellington then Te Papa Venues, at the Te Papa Museum, offers a range of indoor and outdoor wedding reception spaces that suit any style and theme of wedding.

Their experienced and friendly wedding coordinators are looking forward to working with you so just visit the Te Papa Venues website, www.tepapa.govt.nz/ConferencesAndFunctions/Documents/default.html, to find out more!

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